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Resources For Both Educators & Parents

COVID Mental Health Resource Suggestions

Special Education Resources

These resources were compiled by reviewing information provided by various entities to support students in special education, including federal government websites, state departments of education, professional organizations, and school districts across the nation.

Special Education Resources

IEP and 504 Plans

School Guidance for Individualized Education Programs and Section 504 Accommodation Plans

Personnel in the Student Services Division and the Office of the General Counsel are working collaboratively to provide practical guidance for school personnel regarding the obligations extended to students with disabilities and their parents and students with Section 504 Accommodation Plans during school closures related to COVID-19. Guidance from the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, the Office of Civil Rights, and the Nevada Office of Inclusive Education was utilized to inform and outline this guidance.

Additional Information on IEP and 504 Plans (Google Drive)


Student Home Login Guide

Our school uses Clever as an easy way for students to access all the learning applications they use at school in a single location: The Clever Portal.

To assist any students in your household with continuing their learning at home, simply have them log in to the Clever Portal using the directions provided below.

FACES Distance Education Support for Families

The FACES department provides opportunities for parents and guardians to access academic and social-emotional learning modules through the University of Family Learning (UFL) Online during distance education and through the summer.

FACES Distance Education Support for Families

Counseling and Wellness Services

The District’s Counseling Department is committed to assisting all of our students during these unprecedented times. Your children may be curious about what is going on and asking some tough questions regarding COVID-19. If your child needs to speak with a school counselor or social worker, we encourage you to reach out to your student(s) school counselor via e-mail for assistance and support. Contact information can be obtained by calling or emailing staff at the school.

Family Resource Guides (Google Drive)

Employees are working in this new environment to support students and families at this time. For CCSD employees in need of assistance, the Life Connection Employee Assistance and Worklife Program is available to benefit eligible CCSD employees. This resource provides counseling services, as well as support for legal, financial, child, eldercare, and daily living needs. CCSD employees can call 1-800-280-3782 or visit the

Resources For Educators

Online and Blended Learning Department

The Online and Blended Learning (OBL) Department develops online secondary course content, which is freely available for blended and online learning for Clark County School District (CCSD) teachers. Any school in CCSD can use these courses to support online learning in their classrooms. 


Apex Learning Tutorials

Tutorial resources for 6-12 grade are available to teachers to use throughout CCSD. Teachers can access and assign learning resources to their students.

Getting Started with Tutorials (Google Drive)

English Language Learner Division
Virtual Professional Learning

Join the English Language Learner Division (ELLD) in one or more of the online professional learning sessions to increase your knowledge on the Six Principles of Effective English Language Learner Instruction and application of the Language Development Approach. At the professional learning sessions, participants will:

  • Learn supports and strategies for simultaneously teaching content and language.
  • Engage with a group of educators through an online platform to discuss English language learner (ELL) instruction.
  • Reflect with peers concerning student reflection, discourse, and metacognition.
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